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Czech is a national language of the Czech Republic which is a small country situated in the centre of Europe. Because of its location is also called "the heart of Europe". The capital is Prague with about 2 million inhabitants.  The Czech language belongs to the group of Slavic languages (e.g. Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian).  The most similar language is Slovak. Czech and Slovak people understand each other without any problems. These two nations were one country called Czechoslovakia for over 70 years in the past. Now, the Czech Republic has about 10 million inhabitants. In big cities, especially in Prague and Brno, there live a significant number of foreigners. Czechia is a part of the EU from 2004. The country is well-known for its beautiful landscape and architecture. Czech typical and traditional products include beer, glass, Škoda Car and Bohemian Garnet.




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Michaela Brandová

I am a special pedagogue and a primary school teacher. I taught Czech and English to pupils with hearing impairment for three years. Now I'm on maternity leave. I enjoy communicating with students and enriching each other the most.

I like reading and travelling in my free time.


Zolboo Chimedregzen

I'm 20 years old and I'm studying Medical Chemistry. I enjoy learning foreign languages ​​and communicating with them. I'm keen on passing on my experience, advice and tips to make learning fun and enjoyable. I have experience with tutoring Czech for school-age children and adults as well.


Kateřina Kubaníková
I love traveling, I love Czech literature and cinematography, as well as photographing exotic places. I like the fact that I can transmit my native language to people from all over the world and make it easier for them to communicate and understand life in the Czech Republic. I would like to explain to my students not only the grammatical rules of the Czech language, but also the life, traditions and culture of my country.
Alice Nguyenová

I studied Chinese and Ukrainian philology, now for several years, I have been teaching foreigners English, Chinese and Czech. I teach English and Chinese students, and also have experience working with Koreans who speak a little English. I also learn Korean myself. I have always been interested in languages. I like being able to help someone learn something new. I love to see the gradual progress of student´s improvement.


Dušan Dorazil 

My name is Dušan and I have been teaching Czech language for foreigners since 2008. I teach personally also via Skype. I am able to give lessons in Russian and Polish, as I also teach these languages.


Martina Plačková 

I like to communicate with people from other countries and get to know their culture. I am therefore very happy to help you learn the beautiful Czech language. I taught students from Russia, but I'm looking forward to teaching you as well! During my lessons, you will learn everything about the Czech Republic you will need for communication. I am going to help you as much as possible.


Alice Vaňourková 

My name is Alice. I am a Czech lecturer with TESOL certification (International Open Academy, UK), university education (Goethe-Institut Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic) and DaF, ÖSD, IELTS certifications. Energetic, creative, patient, with a passion for languages. I have more than 10 years of experience teaching Czech for foreigners (beginners, intermediate, advanced) as well as English and German.

I'm here to help you learn grammar, sentence structure, and useful phrases in a fun and friendly environment. I will introduce you to Czech culture, introduce interesting places of this beautiful country and its rich history.

Kateřina Matoušková

I have been travelling since the first year of high school (ie approx. 7 years), I have participated in international projects Legends Unite Us (thanks to that I was in Lithuania, Latvia and Portugal), City bound Berlin, then one month internship in Plymouth, UK. My biggest travel success is 3 months travelling in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana.

I have  experience high school tutoring and tutoring of Czech for children from Vietnam.

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